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A FREE Service - Cats, Drones and Model Airplane in Tree Rescue in Georgia
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4 years ago
Our cat was about 50ft up a pine tree in the woods for 5-6 days when I contacted them. They came out same day and were wonderful people and saved our cat. Very thankful!
- JoAnn G
2 years ago
I am sure we have all found ourselves needing a little help. Today was my turn. This poor little cat of mine was stuck in a tree for almost 24 hours! I tried many things to get him to come down and even made a few phone calls for advice. I made a call to my vet and was told to give this man a call and in a few hours my cat was in my arms! Thank you so much to this man and my neighbors!!! It was a great ending to my very stressful day!
- Laura O
3 years ago
Normer is so absolutely wonderful. A neighbor's cat ended up about 30 ft up in the tree in our backyard - she was obviously scared, meowing, and it was cold. After calling the fire department, police, and animal services and seeing that tree services were going to charge over $250, we got SO lucky and found Normer! He came that evening and heroically night rescued the cat! It was a daring adventure as she was so scared that she actually did her best to attack Normer! But he stayed calm and patient (while hanging from a rope 30 feet in the air, mind you) and after about 10 minutes, he managed to get her safely to the ground! He was even sweet to her once they landed despite her not at all gentle demeanor. I can't say enough how thankful we are and what a kind, compassionate man Normer is. I can't believe he even exists! THANK YOU, dear man!!
- Tiffany A

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I regret that I am not available. Do this before someone gets there to rescue your cat.

- remove any obstacles from around the tree that the cat might fall on.  Cats can fall from great height if they do not fall on something.  Remove ladders, chairs, stumps logs, rock etc.

- do not put food under tree.  The cat is already motivated to come down.  Food only attracts other predators.  

- do not try to scare the cat down.  Some use this technique, but I advise against it.  It is too dangerous for the cat.  

The only technique that I know sometimes work is encouraging the cat down with sweet talk. Other than that, someone has to go up and get the kitty.

Try and go to their directory.

Jody Rice (706)804 2551 West Atlanta Area
Jon Cable 423-326-8798 - North GA and Tenn

Try Tree Service Companies. Some do cat rescueS. 

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